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03/11/2014 // by siglobe

I think that Izabela feels photographs more than she takes them. She brings blanket silence to these places, almost as a dream or a longing. Black silence is better at night, you can hear the white better. Luminous white on black haunts these photographs. Yes, it’s a search for white beacons, whether washing on a […]


02/05/2014 // by siglobe

If London was to be defined, it would have to be from its speed and rhythm. The constant move that makes it such an intense place to live in. That permanent state of motion can hardly be caught or slowed down, and even less stopped. Passer byes in motion, workers on their way to work, […]


01/05/2014 // by siglobe

Anywhere at all 2013 – ..it is a result of wandering in the city. Gathered as a bunch of a simple, raw stories. It is maybe searching for a tale and maybe to remember and maybe to forget. .. and this could happen anywhere. Anywhere at all.


26/08/2012 // by siglobe

“One” 2010/2011 Series of dreamy, subtle photographs taken as an emotional approach to the human condition. It is an experiment to afflict silence and intimate world of an individual.