If London was to be defined, it would have to be from its speed and rhythm. The constant move that makes it such an intense place to live in.
That permanent state of motion can hardly be caught or slowed down, and even less stopped. Passer byes in motion, workers on their way to work, back and forth, in the wide urban labyrinth of the city. Heavy skies and turbulent lives.

Long nights and early morning’s commuting. That permanent state of motion and speed which is engrained in the capital ‘s identity. And the assurance with which its inhabitants have to assess themselves when they walk its streets, in order to sustain the fluid energy of the capital.

Each one of us, while in London, have to inhabit some of its flux, to find our groove within the wider rhythmic motion of its life. Each of its inhabitants knows intimately the demands the city operates on them and how easy one can get lost within its depth.
A step to short, a missed train, an unexpected turn of a street, an equivocal glance.

– text Agnes Villette