Izabela Nowak




dreamers / 2023

I explore the human form in repose, nestled within the intimate embrace of bed linen. My work delves into the acts of sleeping and dreaming, where bodies drift within the depths of their own subconscious narratives.

In my creative process, I employ the delicate and meditative emulsion lift transfer technique. The fragile emulsion, in its delicacy, evokes a profound sense of vulnerability and raw humanity. The collage aspect of my work here draws me closer to the nature of lurking dreams.

Through the study of the resting human body, my intention is to observe the fleeting nature of sleep and dreams, unveiling the universes that unfurl within the recesses of the mind.

collages, emulsion lift transfer on 100% cotton, archival paper
size 260 x 180 mm, 10 x 7 in
work size ~100 x 100 mm ~ 4 x 4 in

Izabela Nowak © 2023