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echoes blue

echoes blue

echoes blue/ 2022 –

The work is based on archives found at an online auction, slightly damaged and forgotten fragments of someone’s memories. By utilizing these photographs, I experiment with distortions, transparency, adding foil layers, painting or using blue tape I aim to visualize the complex and nuanced web of memories. As I immerse myself in these creations, I find myself transported to the depicted scenes.

The leitmotif revolves around leisure time by the lake, I am searching in memories trying to reveal or build new stories, and fleeting moments.
Collages, as a form of illusion, evoke new connections in the subconscious, stimulate imagination, bridging the gap between past and present.

I look closer at what remains: closeness of nature, feeling the wind, sounds of water and trees, a sky full of stars, other people. All preserved moments, moments of being that were shaping my identity.


echoes blue to próba przyglądania się procesom wspominania i funkcjonowania pamięci. Zgromadzone archiwalne fotografie stają się płótnem do eksperymentów. Kolaże, złożone z warstw wspomnień wywołują skojarzenia i połączenia w naszej podświadomości a te pobudzają wyobraźnię do tworzenia nowych historii.

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